3 Lessons I’ve Learnt

When I was younger I couldn’t wait to be an adult, living on my own and doing whatever I wanted to do. As a child. adulthood was seen with impatience. Here I am, a few years in and trying my best. Along the way I’ve learnt a few lessons that help improve my life as a young adult.

I’ll share some with you all today.

Ask For What You Want

That saying “closed mouths don’t get fed” is completely accurate. I’ve been able to meet persons and do/ get things simply because I asked. The worse thing that can happen is someone saying no- but the best thing that can happen is someone saying yes. This is especially true for getting mentorship, opportunities to learn from persons you admire or getting the chance to experience something.

Mind Your Money

If you’ve ever heard Randy Rowe (@rtrowe) of everymickle.com and Earnings Season  speak, you would know he says money has two uses- to be spent or to be invested. It wasn’t until I started living on my own for school that I had to budget and give thought to money management actively. I’m grateful that I got that experience of living on my own in a relatively risk free environment- meaning if I failed and ran out of money I could go to my parents. Though I had that safety net, I can’t remember ever using it even when money was running low. Not only have I learnt the value of knowing where my money goes, budgeting and investing… but I’ve also learnt the importance of enjoying and spending my money! Now I am able to use my money guilt free because I have a few of the basics down and everyday I’m learning more.

Forgive Yourself

I’ve made mistakes, plenty in fact. Most of us have. When these mistakes have big consequences it can be hard to not blame and punish yourself for an extended period. Each mistake- at the very least- is an opportunity to grow and learn. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do- and forgiving yourself is even harder. It is necessary, that we let go and allow ourselves to move on from the guilt we have from whatever mistake we made.


Today, I was supposed to put out an article on the Coronavirus and everything that has been happening, I wrote it last week! But with all the new things that have happened there’s no way I can put it out without heavy editing. During this time keep your ears on the ground and stay safe!

What lessons have you learnt?

Samantha C. Johnson

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