Everyone Should Buy Condoms- Here’s Why.

Condoms have been around for a very long time. This simple invention has been a fantastic way for us to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Condoms my seem exclusively for penetration by the penis, but I’m here to tell you that no matter your sexual orientation, once you’re having sex (or even masturbating) there is need for you to buy condoms.

We will be focusing exclusively on the male condom.


Uses of the Condom:


Conventionally, condoms are used to cover the shaft of the penis of a male who is having  penetrative sex with either sex or receiving oral sex.

Those of us who use sex toys, whether on a partner or on ourselves, should always cover those toys once they’re going inside of an orifice this is to prevent any type of infection. In a subsequent blog I will talk about care of sex toys.

When it comes to performing oral sex on a female, condoms can be made into cheap dental dams that are just as effective.



While they have special finger condoms (finger cots), any condom can also me used to cover your finger(s) while using them to penetrate your partner.



When to Change the Condom:


Sometimes one condom isn’t enough and there are times when you need to change them.

  1. If you have finished one round of sex and would like to have another
  2. If you are changing location for penetration. You may go vagina to anus (on the same partner), mouth to vagina and vice versa (on the same partner, depending on their preference) but never anus to mouth or vagina.
  3. You are switching partners, if you’re participating in group sex, you want to change the condom each time you go to a new person.
  4. If you’re using a toy on yourself and on a partner (or partners)
  5. If you’re changing the location for penetration of the toy from anus to another orifice.

Have I missed any? Comment below!


Condom Quick Facts


  1. If you’re allergic to latex there are other condom material options. Most are available where ever they sell condoms.
  2. No penis is too big for a condom.
  3. No penis is too small for a condom.
  4. Condoms do not worsen sex, it’s all in your mind. If you/ your partner is struggling to keep an erection with a condom on encourage yourself/ him to practice masturbating with condoms on as training.

What other condom facts do you know? Comment below!

The condom is a neat invention, it is simple, affordable and effective. Know you know anyone who’s having sex, should be using condoms!

Samantha C. Johnson

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