Facing Depression And Seeking Help

In this week’s episode The Layman’s Doctor shares a conversation with her dear friend, Morph, as he openly discusses his mental illness which subsequently led to an admission to the University of the West Indies Hospital. September 10 was World Suicide Prevention Day. All over the world, persons shared insight into what suicide is and what suicide ideation can look like. 

Stigma and discrimination around Mental Illness is an ongoing challenge that prevents persons from seeking help. Talking about it helps to remove this stigma. The Layman’s Doctor hopes to play her part in making information more accessible and lessening the ‘taboo’ around the topic. 

Check out Morph on Twitter and Instagram @morphrumos 

If you or anyone you know needs help check out the Ministry of Health and Wellness at https://www.moh.gov.jm/mental-health/ or call 888- NEW LIFE that’s 888-639-5433

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