Me, Myself and I: The Benefits of Masturbation

Warning, this article is about masturbation.

Growing up, we were told touching and pleasuring ourselves was sinful and we should avoid doing it. Many of us grew up in a Christian household that had negative relationships with sex and masturbation.

I’m here to encourage you to masturbate. Masturbation has several benefits from helping you know your body and what turns you on to helping you sleep.

Benefits of Masturbation:

  1. Helps you with body image.
  2. Helps you get to know yourself.
  3. Helps you sleep
  4. Stress buster
  5. I’m sure there’s more!

The only time masturbation is ‘too much’ is if it gets in the way of your daily activities.

Our relationship with sex and our genitalia needs to change to a positive one. Masturbation is not an abomination and has several useful benefits that can improve your life and sex life.

Happy masturbating!

Samantha C. Johnson


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