The Balancing Act: Can We Really Have It All?

With social media, it’s so easy to feel bad scrolling though your feed because everyone seems to have it all figured out. Sometimes we forget that social media is merely a snapshot of someone’s life and only the parts that they want to show us.

But is it really impossible to have it all?

“Having it all” for each person is going to be different, each person has different goals and dreams… but we all want a lot of things, that if we’re not deliberate, can be quite a bit to juggle.

I started thinking a lot about this recently, as some of you know, I had taken some time from writing. It was a mixture of not being inspired, feeling lost and just not being able to manage.

During this hiatus, I also took some time to self reflect.

I want to have it all. And I believe it is possible to do so.

Here are some of the things I think can be done to have your all.


Be Honest With Yourself

I realised that I didn’t know what I wanted, how could I meet and achieve goals if I didn’t know what they were? Knowing what you want takes time and it also means that you have to sit with yourself and have a conversation.

One of the ways I figure out what I want is to close my eyes and just imagine myself in the future and I get my answer. What makes me happy? What would make me content? What do I want to do for the rest of my life? Or for the next 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?

Some other ways you could figure this out is just by asking yourself prompts and writing down the first thing that comes to mind.

Be Deliberate

Don’t bother just being, going through your day aimlessly and without a plan. Make deliberate and calculated steps to meet your goal.

If you want to get better at sewing, watch sewing videos in your spare time… if you want to learn more about finance, follow your local finance gurus. Think about your goals and make a plan to reach them.

Be Flexible

As soon as I left medical school, all the plans I made all seemed like things I just didn’t want any more. It threw me off!

I had a vision board, I had plans. I knew exactly what I wanted until I didn’t!

It is important to accept that we are evolving, and because we are evolving so must our plans.

Manage Your Time

I am TERRIBLE at this- and when I get better at it I will let you know.

As cliche as it sounds, time management and DISCIPLINE really allows you the best of both worlds.

You can be productive and successful with a healthy sleep schedule- you just have to manage your time appropriately.

One Step At A Time

Understand that you cannot do everything at once.

Sometimes I’m so excited about a new goal that I try to achieve it right then and there. I get this high from the experience of writing the goal down, making a plan then setting out to achieve it- all at once in a short space of time.

That’s just not realistic!

I find it is much easier to take my big goal and divide it up into small bite-size pieces so that I don’t become overwhelmed and give up.

And my most important tip


I have never neglected anything that I have made a priority.

The truth is, whether it is a new skill, a relationship or eating healthier- whatever it is if it is not really your priority and you’re doing it just because you think you should- it won’t get done.


Listen folks, I do not have it all (yet). However… these are some of the most cliche but practical tips that I know and have been working for me!

It all seems simple and easy on paper, but in reality, it is very difficult to be proactive and not slip into complacency (trust me).

How are you “having it all”? Let me know in the comments your best tips and tricks!

Asking for myself.

Samantha C. Johnson.

NB: Yes that is me pretending to juggle


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