What to Wear to Clinic

If it’s an emergency you almost have no say in what you’re going to wear when you go to the hospital.

How you dress when you’re going to be seen can save you and your doctor time during the consultation process.

I like to dress for the doctor as if I’m going shopping. I wear an outfit that’s easy to get in and out of.

When dressing for a clinic visit you should keep the same things in mind. I hit on this topic in this article post a while back, where I spoke about 8 things to conquer clinic.


What not to wear to clinic: 


Avoid dresses.

Dresses for women would seem like the perfect thing, but you don’t always undress fully at the doctors office. Think of how uncomfortable it is to try on a skirt or blouse in a store while wearing  a dress.


Avoid multiple layers.

This is another situation where getting in and out of clothes can be difficult.


Avoid tight clothing.

If you go to the clinic for something that’s on your calf or knee, wearing skin tight skinny jeans that can’t be rolled up might be a problem. In general I would say avoid tight clothing as they’re difficult to get in and out of.


Avoid clothing with explicit language.

All types of persons will be at the clinic, including children. It is important to remember that you will be in a public space.


What to wear to clinic: 


Do wear a top and bottom.

It is so much easier to get out of a top and/or bottom. Or sometimes you can simply shift the garment slightly to facilitate the examination.


Do wear shoes that are easy to take off.

Honestly, don’t bother with the sneakers and socks for yourself or your children or shoes with a lot of laces or buckles! Wear something that you can just slip in and out of.


Do follow the dress code.

Unless it says no sleeveless because you know that’s no longer a thing!

Click here for my take on the sleeveless ban.


I’ve written a few articles about improving efficiency in our public system. There is a lot that can be done from both sides.

As persons who access health care we can help with efficiency by accessing the right place for our problem, preparing for the visit and now by dressing appropriately.

Each little minute we shave off counts!

Samantha C. Johnson

Featured photo from: Keenan Constance on Unsplash

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